Shakespeare Inspired -ALL THE WORLD IS A STAGE


Boring literature you think ? Absolutely not! It’s a drama inspired book about life!

T.T.SRINATH is a sensitivity trainer, qualified with the Indian Society for Applied Behavioural Science, the Indian arm of NTL, USA. Post-Graduate in HR from Xavier Labour Relations Institute, Jamshedpur and a Ph.D. from Anna University, India.

He is a certificate holder in Socio-drama & Action Methods, issued by MPV / SAM Socio-drama & Action Methods Training and accredited by the British Psychodrama Association. He is a Member, Madras Players, the oldest English theatre company in India. Accredited Master Coach, accredited by Dr. Suzzane Skiffington from Australia.



Drama can make a unique contribution to the holistic development of an individual. It explores feelings, ideas and knowledge of one’s self, therefore leading to understanding. It is the most powerful method of learning. It teaches cooperation, empathy, responsibility, develops decision making skills, builds confidence and self – acceptance of others and improves management and organisation skills. It also promotes critical thinking, so each individual can formulate and express their own opinions.

ALL THE WORLD IS A STAGE (Drama and its evidence in the corporation world) provides an all-round understanding of drama and its importance in organisational environments. Being involved in such an experience allows one to express oneself publicly. These tools not benefit people at a professional level but also help them in other aspects of their lives. Drama is all about how one presents oneself. It is the purest form of self – awareness. It is a very valuable form of communication which therefore makes it the centre of existence.




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