Shah Rukh Khan Wishes Karan Johar ‘Happiness,


Actor Shah Rukh Khan has urged everyone to remember that parenthood is a private moment for filmmaker Karan Johar and has said that festivities can be saved for later. SRK, 51, and Mr Johar are close friends as well as longtime collaborators and the actor explained why he’s unwilling to comment publicly on Mr Johar’s twins, Yash and Roohi, who were born in February. Speaking at the Mijwan Charity Fashion Show, Shah Rukh Khan said, “We wish him happiness. It’s still very personal. So, don’t think I am being cagey by not answering about it,” reports news agency PTI. Roohi and Yash have been named after Karan Johar’s parents – his late father was named Yash, Roohi is an anagram of his mother’s name Hiroo.



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