Craving an Iftar feast meant for the Nawabs and don’t want to take risk by trying haleems and kebabs at those street side eateries? Then head to Punjab Bistro and indulge in some of the most delicious haleem and mutton biryani at their festival of Eid Al Adha with Shaan-E-Haleem. Staying true to its philosophy of refabricating experiences by making them richer yet modern and also keeping the old ideas as its helm, Punjab Bistro keeps in mind the ever-changing food habits of diners looking for newer experiences as a celebration of the cuisine and its rich taste.

Reminding you of the good ol’ bylanes of old Hyderabad, the the famed Punjab Bistro kitchen puts on a feast fit for a king. Keeping in mind the 3 Ps Standard of Punjab Bistro as explained by Sajal Jassal, Founder & CEO of Punjab Bistro – Purity, Pride and Passion, Executive Chef Shashikant Kalyanee has put together a menu that is a true representation of the Ramadan festival and its offerings. Culturally speaking, food has always been an integral part of any celebration in India. The rich culture of Eid Al Adha and the holy month of Ramadan, is no exception. The food heritage of Hyderabad gleams during this time. Meat based dishes, slow cooked with rich earthy textures and aromatic flavours are synonymous with this festive cuisine. Haleem, Biryani, Sheermals and Phirnis are the orders of the day.

At Punjab Bistro’s Shaan-E-Haleem Festival, food lovers can taste handpicked seven varieties of Haleem, each with its own unique flavour and identity! From the traditional Mutton Haleem, Chicken Haleem, and even a delicious Prawn Haleem and a Turkey Haleem and to a first of its kind ever in ‘Uru an experience to the vegetarians, the Kathal (jackfruit) Haleem and a Vegetarian Haleem (made with a mix of seven vegetables). Served in traditional earthenware, the Haleem platter comes with an array of toppings like fried brown onions, lemon, roasted cashewnuts, fresh mint chiffonade and masala spiced aloo fry. Pair it with a biryani or dig in with a Saffron infused Sheermal and you’re in food haven! Refresh with a cooling Doodh ka sherbet- a saffron infused milk with cool watermelon bits and chia seeds or with the more traditional Gulab-E- Azam, served with the famed Punjab Bistro twist.

End the meal on a sweet note as you savour the Gil-E-Firdous, a stewed bottle gourd, sago and milk pudding with chironji and rose petals, served chilled in a kulhad. The Qubani ka meetha – A Hyderabadi dessert of dried apricots stewed with sugar and saffron, served with Rabri is also a must try for the traditionalists!

Savour ‘Shaan E Haleem’ at all Punjab Bistro outlets across Bengaluru.

Where: Punjab Bistro, SJR Primus, Ground Floor, Opposite Forum Mall, 7th Block, Koramangala, 20th Main Road, Bengaluru.
When: 17th May 2019 to 14th June 2019, 12 noon – 11 pm. Call – 080 – 40902161 / 62 for reservations.



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