Sexting 101 for newbies!


Enjoy it: You have to treat it like an art class. You have to enjoy it; you have to love it and you have to absolutely want it to turn out as perfect as it looks in your head. Trace your steps carefully! Keep it detailed, keep it dirty

Choose Your Words Carefully: Sound sexy and seductive. And the point of sexting is to send dirty messages you might not be able to say out loud with a straight face.

Keep the mystery going: The point of sexting is to keep the other person going and want things to get steamier. The less they know, the more mystery there is, the more they want it!


Experiment a little: Never had the chance to experiment? Maybe being the dominant one is your thing. Test the waters by sexting. You get to express your deepest desires!

Pictures for the end: Leave something to their imagination. Use your words and use them good. If you send a picture within the first hour of sexting, there isn’t much left to do or be done.

Weave a story: Put those role play fantasies to the best use!  It could be anything from doing it in the parking lot to doing it in a public places. Mix things up a little and don’t hesitate being a little kinky.




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