Serendipite Exquisite Jewellery Exhibition at Park Hyatt


Private Exhibition and Sale of Coloured Stone Jewellery by Sérendipité at Park Hyatt, Hyderabad

About Serendipite
Turquoise, moonstone, Garnet, Spinel, lolite, Tanzanite, coral!

Gemstones have played various roles in the myths and legends of human cultures throughout history. Some tell a story or are believed to have special powers, but all of them share a common beauty. Some can even determine human emotions. The colour, origin and story behind each gemstone is unique and special. They come in every colour in the rainbow, from all corners of the world, bringing with them a unique form of breathtaking beauty. Some gemstones have been treasured since before history began and others were only discovered recently.

Each gemstone symbolises very unique beliefs. Citrine was believed to ward off evil during ancient times and Garnets, to ward off nightmares by lighting up the night. Peridot was believed to be a gift from Mother Nature to celebrate the annual creation of the world. When presented as a gift, Peridot is said to bring the wearer magical powers and healing properties to protect against nightmares. It is also said to instil power, and influence through the wearing of the gemstone. According to an ancient Chinese legend,the moon holds the power to create pearls, instilling them with its celestial glow and mystery.

Serendipite introduces you to its exquisite jewellery collection which is crafted with great passion and zeal using these beautiful Gemstones of the best quality. The wide range of mesmerising coloured stone jewellery that will not only add beauty and colour to your life but also give you a feeling that it’s solely made for you. Ranging from everyday wear, simple and elegant, glamorous beauties, they have to capture a magical, whimsical appeal in many of the designs. Through the interesting blend between traditional and contemporary styles they have pieces that are diverse and yet so simple. Come experience the magic of these stones and enrich your life….



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