Self Quarantine: Fun Stuff To Do When Trapped Indoors


Coronavirus has brought the world to a standstill. Bars, shops, clubs, schools, museums, and restaurants are closed; landmarks deserted, streets empty. Whether you’re in full quarantine mode, working from home, or simply scaling back your social life, you’ll be spending a lot more time indoors for the next few weeks. But instead of staying glued to Netflix and live news feeds, there are plenty of creative ways to use our enforced hibernation. Here are a few worthwhile things to do while you’re stuck at home during the corona crisis.


Finally read that book you’ve had on your shelf for years. Instead of frittering away corona time with Netflix, reach for a forgotten novel. It’s the perfect time to make a great literary discovery or two without even leaving your sofa.

Clear-out old stuff

Time to reflect on our consumption habits. Once you’ve given your apartment a good deep clean, you’re free to start clearing out all the crap you don’t need. Be it clothes, utensils, other junks, finally its time to discard them.

Washing and ironing

Freshly washed and neatly stored. Wash and iron all shirts, blouses, towels and bed linen again, it will be super satisfying to see your crisp garments neatly piled in your gleaming bedroom.

Realise that creative project

Unleash your inner creativity, if you’ve always wanted to pen a sci-fi novel or paint a perfect art, now is the perfect time to realise that dream. Your living room can easily become a writing room or anything you want, and there are no limits to what you can unleash.

Call your long-lost aquatints

The safest way to chat right now is on the phone. Call your long lost family and friends, have a little chat and wish them well. It’s nice to keep in touch with friends we see once in a blue moon. But now is the perfect time to reconnect and catch up.

Cook for yourself

Little boy cutting vegetables while his father cooking food in kitchen. Father and son preparing food at home kitchen.

Try out those yummy recipes which you couldn’t during those busy workdays. Find more new interesting dishes online and try them out, surprise your family and try giving them a feast, after all, there is no restaurant available now.

Learn a new skill

There are plenty of skills to learn. Find what you are interested in and invest your time in it. Use your time to learn new German vocabulary, a few chords, or perhaps the art of meditation or yoga.



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