Screening of My Camera and Tsunami


The film shares special moments that the filmmaker, R.V. Ramani, experienced with his camera, a special bonding over a period of 4 years, in terms of creating cinematic imagery, relating, exploring, seeking and interpreting notions of his reality. It is a memory of a camera which perished in the Tsunami, along with its last filmed footage. It’s last recorded footage, an elusive image, evoking multiple possibilities, seeking parallels and new perspectives.


R.V. Ramani, born in Mumbai, 1957, is a graduate in Physics from Mumbai University. He later graduated from the FTII, Pune, in 1985, with specialization in Motion Picture Photography. In 1989, he moved from Mumbai to Chennai working as a Cinematographer/filmmaker.

Venue: Goethe Institut

Date & time: March 10, 7.30 pm



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