Score Some #Maal At Social Outlets Near You!


So we heard that Socials across India are rolling some #Maal this month (Nah, not that kind!). The brand that has always been known for surprising everyone with something unique, is now unveiling its merchandise range called Social [Maal]. The products will be cool and quirky and designed in the typical signature #SocialStyle.

Score Some #Maal

For all of you who have loved drinking out of the LLIIT glasses and can’t get enough of them, Social now has you covered. Tada!!! The glasses are now available for sale at all the outlets. So now worry no more as the bouncers won’t stop you for trying to sneak them out. If this wasn’t enough, Social also introduces an uber cool range of orange and black Social hash tagged umbrellas (it says #NotADryDay, how cool, eh!), helping you beat the #Barish with their #Chhataas.

Drop in at Social outlet on Church Street, Bangalore and pick up your favourite merchandise as soon as possible because there’s not enough #Maal for everyone.



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