‘Scintilla’ diamond jewelry showcase by Meenu Subbiah Diamonds at Folly Hall, Amethyst


Welcome to Scintilla – An experience of witnessing the shine and sparkle of diamond jewelry in unique and beautiful ways; an experience that is breathtaking and mesmerizing; an experience that will enable you to complement your own unique personality. Scintilla presents four exclusive collections Varna, Facet, Collection Q, Soleil held at the Folly Hall, Amethyst, Chennai on the 22nd & 23rd April 2022 by Meenu Subbiah Diamonds, crafting jewelry for the discerning since 1993 

MSD – Meenu Subbiah Diamonds, was the brainchild of Mr. SM Subbiah, in the quest to offer unique and exclusive diamond jewelry to the discerning. His daughter, Ms. Meenu Subbiah, sharing the same passion, graduated from GIA, USA. Over the years, with her untiring efforts and dedication, she has carved a niche for the brand in the market

MSD is driven by the belief that jewelry is personal. Like your fingerprint. Like your smile. Like your voice. Hence, from the time you set foot into our store, no effort is spared in understanding you, your style, your personality, your quirks, your wishes. They journey with you, and are truly elated when the final product adorns you, the wearer



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