School Gossip : A New Form of Bullying


In the generation we live in there can be 100 reasons  why kids hate to go to school, apart from the homework, assignments an teachers pressure there is a new danger lurking in the school kids today and that is ‘Gossip’. Due to the classroom gossip many friendship break and many kids tend to leavew their passion of playing sports. Children cannot be that manipulative, It must be a misunderstanding and more such invalid justifications are sought to put a lid on “such trivial matters”. School gossip is not trivial. It is very much a form of bullying since it is a tool used to intimidate, hurt or isolate an individual. There are steps parents must take when a child goes through this in their schools


The Day for every individual gets very hectic from. The work at home,Professional commitments, payament of various bills etc keeps us occupied the whole day .  Due to our everyday chores we neglect to spend time with kids and talk to them for at atleast an hour a day. But then we need to take time out to listen to our children . The conversation can be as simple as discussing the kids favourite superhero or  what sport they like . Through this procedure the kids tend to open up to parents more and develop some confidence in talking to them. These seemingly meaningless conversations are the stepping stones to the ones where the children need us. If they have not talked to us about insignificant things, they will not talk about the important ones.

Never trivialise or judge

A lot of times, we brush aside conversations where the child is bothered by gossip. it is important we avoid statements like ‘Tch, dont get bothered.’  Yes, it might be trivial considering life does get tough as we grow older. But for the child it is not insignificant. And saying there is a deeper wound ahead dosen’t help in dealing with the current pain nor does it prepare for the future.Also, laying an accusation or judging is the perfect strategy for making sure that the child does not express her anxiety or hurt again.

Take the mind off it

Just saying, “don’t give it much thought,” does nothing. While listening and helping the child deal with it is important, it is also essential that we help them take their mind off it. Plan an outing, indulge in art together, get them involved around the house, enrol them for the guitar class they have been wanting to go to or whatever fits the bill. Also convince the child to avoid the usual channels of gossip i.e the social media. This helps the child in putting a sort of emotional distance between the gossip and self, thereby enabling objective thinking.




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