School girls made to clean toilets


A school in Podanur Chettipalayam in the suburbs of Coimbatore has in the name of Clean environment and Clean India campaign been forcing students of classes 8 and 9 to clean toilets and washbasins. Students alleged that a group of 26 students were asked to clean toilets and when they refused, they were beaten up by the class teacher. Three students fainted while cleaning the toilets and they too were punished for pretending to faint.Students who refused to do this menial job were slapped with fines of Rs 300-500/

Students also stated that the school did not have a sanitary worker and also did not provide them with clean drinking water.Many students fell ill after drinking contaminated water from the school. Parents alleged that they were threatened that they would be issued TC if they raised this issue.
A student along with her parents had given a complaint to the collector to take necessary action.



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