Scavin launched exclusive Bikers range of sunglasses


Scavin has launched new ‘bikers’ collection of sunglasses. A quality pair of sunglasses is the primary concern of any biker. The range is a combination of high- performance and style. Sunglasses are not just a need today but a style statement too. During biking eyes need protection from not only sun rays but also dust, wind, reflections that hinder one’s vision.

The ‘bikers’ range of sunglasses offers all the features a biker might require. It comes with polarization and anti glare properties. This helps to avoid glare from reflective surfaces. This is a safety feature while riding.  The frame is broad and long to cover the eyes from sides as well. This protects eyes from dust, wind, sunrays etc. The fit of the frames is very comfortable and goes along one’s forehead pretty well.



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