Say No To Drugs: AR Rahman’s Powerful Message Against Drug Addiction


On the occasion of the International day against drug abuse and illicit child trafficking, music director AR Rahman has released a video message to create awareness among the public to stop the usage of drugs. The legendary composer is known for his sensational songs and albums in various languages and has won some of the biggest awards in the field, including the prestigious Oscar awards.

Rahman, in his video message, says Today is the day to voice against drug abuse and illicit trafficking and in the present scenario, awareness is the need of the hour. We can come out of the present COVID-19 pandemic one day but it is difficult to come out of drug addiction. The effects of drug addiction are frightening, it leads to evil thoughts, and the resultant bad habits have ruined the lives of many people. Evil deeds such as committing heinous crimes and child abuse are some of the effects of drug addiction. Hence, let us all take the pledge to abstain from the use of drugs and save the younger generation from the clutches of the drug menace.


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