Satvik Bhojan by Courtyard Marriott Bangalore ORR


Navratri is observed differently in different parts of India. It is a time of religious reflection and fasting for many people, while it’s a time for dancing, enjoying Garba, and feasting for others.

Fasting traditions include following a strict diet which over the years because of its seasonal nature associated with this festive time of the year, have become something people block their calendars to try.

And that’s why Courtyard Marriott Bangalore has designed a special Satvik menu for this auspicious period.

The Navratri bhojan at the MoMo Cafe will include dishes such as Farali Dhokla, Farali Wada, Kaccha kella ke vada, Kuttu or Singhara ke Puri, Thepla and Roti, Sama ki chawal, Sabudana ki khichdi, natural thirst quenchers like Tender coconut water, Masala buttermilk, desserts such as Basundi, Kheer Fruits varieties of Halwa that include lauki halwa, singahre ka halwa, and plenty of others.

So join to celebrate this special time of the year with a special menu at the MoMo Cafe

Prices: 499 + taxes

Save the date: 25th  September to 5th October

Venue:  MoMo Café, Courtyard by Marriott ORR, Bellandur

For reservations, contact: +91 9513653156



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