Satish Gupta talks about chaos in the world and mortality


The Visual Arts Gallery at India Habitat Centre welcomes viewers with an ocean wave, literally. Acclaimed sculptor Satish Gupta’s tall sculpture, titled The Cosmic Wave, made of copper with patina, brass, and stainless steel — as part of his latest solo “Roaring Sea – Still Mind” — is reminiscent of his resplendent Surya sculpture, a golden statue of the sun god, at Delhi airport’s Terminal 3. Returning with a solo after three years, Delhi-based Gupta talks about mortality in this one, as the accompanying text mentions how humans leave behind footprints by building monuments like the Pyramids and Taj Mahal.

Gupta’s latest solo comprises sculptures, paintings, and installations, offering his renditions on life and its experiences. His canvas Roaring Sea — Still Mind It shows a Buddha-like figure meditating calmly near the ocean. Another painting titled Frozen Tranquility reminds one of the glaciers of Iceland, by showcasing pristine white mountains surrounded by the calming blue color of the sea.  The painting was inspired by Gupta’s Visit to France when the coast was struck by a storm and when he had his friend facing the sea and meditating, It had reminded him of finding tranquility in the storm.

Another sculpture, Icarus Falling, depicts large wings in gold — standing tall at seven feet, formed using copper with gold plating — that hangs in a corner from a thread, turning around like a kinetic artwork. It finds its roots in the story of Icarus from Greek mythology. Gupta elaborates upon the tale of a father and son who used wings to escape the island of Crete, only to have Icarus, the flyer, fall from the sky after the wax that joined his wings melted when he moved closer to the sun. The exhibition is on till February 3 at IHC, Lodhi Road, Delhi.




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