Sartorial Styles: Deepa Reddy



They know their warp and weft and are creating drama with their simple yet stunning silhouettes. Chic, contemporary and creative, these fashion designers from Bengaluru are creating waves across the globe for their new-age concept-based couture clothing and innovative prêt wear. Aesthetic and awe-inspiring are some of the words that best describe their creations that can bring life to any wardrobe. Bridging gap between Indian and modern contemporary cuts and styles, these fashion designers are ahead of their game in designing timeless classics.

Deepa Reddy, Owner, The Open Trunk

How did you realise your affinity towards fashion design and how did you decide to take it up as a profession?

After years of being the chosen shopping companion to friends; adviser to family on what looks best on them and helping women of different ages select clothing best suited to their needs and the occasion, I decided to take this up professionally and launch a portal which can give styling tips, understand budgets, comfort and cater to women of all ages and sizes. The one thing I have learnt is, people always look for value for money, comfort, even while buying designer wear. And these are some of the core things we have kept in mind while designing The Open Trunk.

What were the challenges that came initially?

Initially the challenge was finding the right set of people to work with, creating credibility for the brand, convincing designers to join us and be part of our portal.

How did you overcome them and how has the journey been since then?

We started with just 2 people. Today, after just a year we have a 10-member strong team. To the best of our ability we have tried to do away with hierarchy. The company today is a place where the team gives enough creative space to each other. Where we learn from each other’s experience and perspective making the office a happy environment for everyone to work in.

What have been some of the high points in your journey?

Opening our first store in Koramangala has been the biggest achievement so far. Giving our regular customers an address to visit and browse through our collections, talk to our in-house stylist has had a positive impact on increasing the number of visitors to our web page.

What are some of the striking features in your collection that set them apart from the other fashion house in this space?

The Open Trunk caters to women of all ages. This will be the first portal to offer designer clothes to people of ages from 5-80, for occasions big and small both in the international and the Indian calendar. We also have our endeavor in our inhouse brand called Adriti – a platform for promoting young and talented designers. We allocate funds to these budding designers to create designs exclusively for The Open Trunk which is then sold under the label -Adirit.



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