Sarpatatvam – An Illustration By Methil Devika !


The special documentary will be screened at Mamangam Dance Studio 

In ‘Sarpatatwam’, a 28 minute documentary, Mohiniyattam danseuse Methil Devika delves into the myth of the serpent and the insights behind the serpent cult, which has spanned civilisations. Focussing on a composition of a 11th century mystic, Devika burrowed into the significance of serpents in ancient civilisations and its symbolical implications.

Sarpatatwam, will be screened at Mamangam Dance Studio, Kalloor, Kochi on 22nd December, 2018, from 6.30 pm to 7.30 pm .

Concept , choreography, music adaptation and performance by Methil Devika

Directed by Rakesh Kadamba
DOP – Vipin Chandran
Editor – Alby Nataraj

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