Sarjapur Fest Organic Edition


Byg Brewski Sarjapur hosted an Organic menu till the 10th of February, as part of the Sarjapur Fest – Organic Edition. The organic menu had some very interesting organic meals which were also healthy and tasty. Most of the popular restaurants and breweries on Sarjapur Road got together and showcased their organic dishes. The Sarjapur Fest Organic Edition also had many interesting workshops and talks on the subject. Some of the dishes showcased at Byg Brewski Sarjapur were:-

Byg Buddha Bowl – colourful bowl of farm fresh vegetables, beans, sprouts, pulses and other organic healthy foods with coriander broth

Buck wheat flour dumpling – Fried dumpling with exotic lotus roots, broccoli and carrots

Duet of Raw Bananas and Bottle Gourd cutlet – Plum banana and bottle gourd, aromatic organic spices and quinoa crusted with rice puffs

Kulti Dal Tikki – Horse gram tikki mellowed with Indian spices and fresh coriander

Spaghetti Pasta with Coriander and Mint Pesto – Organic pasta with coriander sauce, fresh mint and extra virgin olive oil

Foxtail millet and greem gram with creamy wild mushroom – Creamy millet with wood flavoured mushrooms, grilled peppers and black pepper cheddar cheese

Red Rice Noodles with Butter Garlic vegetables – Stir fired local vegetables in pan fried red rice noodles

For Desserts too, they had on offer healthy choices like Wild Honey Ragi Semolina and Raisin Pudding with Fig Cream Fraiche and Coorgi Chocolate Sphere with Coffee Mousse.



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