Saree stories


You can explore beautiful Kanjivaram silk sarees in rich jewel tones, featuring intricate motifs and patterns, ranging from traditional layouts to the contemporary. These exquisitely embellished drapes make the bridal journey all the more special. Kanakavalli constantly revisits its context in a world shaped by the beauty of hand crafting and the essence of tradition – the appeal of the authentic, balanced with the interpretation of the contemporary. Alongside weaves that adorn the world’s most beautiful drape – the kanjivaram sari – in all its myriad avatars, there’s also a selection of blouse lengths that perfectly complement these Kanankavalli buys at the Blouse Studio and a varied range of accessories – from handmade trousseau boxes to fine jewellery from the Ahalya brand – each as precious as the weaves. Each product at Kanakavalli is hand selected, has a story and a lineage. Kanakavalli is housed, befittingly in spaces that underline the highest standards in craft, provenance and process – all of which go into the creation of the Kanjivaram. Ahalya Jewellery is a classic-contemporary brand that treats the idea of precious from its wearer’s point of view. In its range, the brand designs jewellery that spans the world of all things precious – gold, diamonds and a slew of gems that are exclusive in their form and feel. But it is really in their interpretation that the jewellery acquires for it’s a distinct character and flavour of its own.

Where: The Leela Palace, A -13 store –Colonnade, 23 old Airport Road, Bengaluru.

When: June 9 & 10, 2017, 10 am to 7 pm.



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