Sameera Reddy Opens Up On Accepting Her Natural Body


Sameera Reddy is one actress who has been quite active on social media and her adorable posts with her kids and posts on parenthood, fitness, and mental health are all loved by her fans and followers. She recently shared a throwback picture from her modeling days and spoke about loving her body the way it is. She shared a picture from 2010 where she is posing for a picture and penned a note about how it took her some time to appreciate her natural body.

She wrote, ‘Can you see the cellulite? The pimples? The loose skin on my belly? The real jawline? The real waist? Which part of my body is not touched up? Answer every part of it was cleaned , pulled in , tweaked, slimmed down in 2010. I wish I had the original untouched picture to compare #throwback A reminder that it took me a while to realise i need to love my body exactly the way it is. And no one can make you feel that comfort . Except you ! #imperfectlyperfect #throwbackthursday #2010 #10yearsago.’



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