“SALT CO.531” Launched at Radisson Blu


Launch of “SALT CO.531” A Multi Cuisine Restaurant at Radisson Blu GRT, Airport Road

Salt .Co. No. 531 is conceived as an eclectic and quirky family restaurant with a strong personality in a comfortable laid –back bohemian ambience to let loose and relax. It offers open kitchens to interact with the chefs and make your food as you love it. 

To match its personality the restaurant offers traditional Comfort Food culled from old family recipes with an inspired modern twist to leave you with a happy feeling through the meal experience.  You choose Comfort food to positively pique emotions, to relieve negative feelings and increase positive feelings of comfort. When you are feeling sad or tired, many of us reach for comfort food such as chocolate, ice cream, or chips. Macaroni and cheese might mean comfort to you. Or perhaps your source of succour is Biryani or Chicken soup or udon noodles. We have researched all the comfort food of the world to design this menu.

Here, at Salt Co. 531, salt isn’t used just to flavour food. It is the very thing that makes food. Genuine Pink Himalayan Salt Blocks, quarried from the Khewra mines of the Western Himalayas, have this unique ability to withstand great heat, and great cold. This makes them perfect surface to cook on.

And we do. Burgers and pizzas, chicken and soy, fancy and regular, everything comforting. Pink Himalayan Salt has a special quality to its porosity – the measure of how loose or dense the crystals in the salt are – which means that food cooked on these blocks are moderately salted, allowing other flavours to shine through giving you a fuller, richer taste.

At Salt Co., we serve the world’s favourite comfort foods. The happy ones, the ones that feel like a warm, special hug… Come to just be yourself. With a place and a menu that’s as unpretentious as you are. 

Mr.T.Nataraajan, CEO, GRT Hotels & Resorts says:

The origin of salt blocks can be traced to 326 BC, when Alexander was on his historic expedition to conquer India and beyond. One fine evening, his horses were found licking rocks, which eventually turned out to be salt. Close to 1800 hundred years after this discovery, Emperor Akbar, standardized the salt mining at Khewra, Pakistan, which is in practice till date. We take pride in introducing the salt block cooking and the 15 curated gourmet salts, organically harvested from different regions of the world to enhance your dining experience. Our own Semellier, an expert in mixing salts will be glad to guide you thru this experience.

Mr.Vikram Cotah, Chief Operating Officer, GRT Hotels & Resorts  whilst introducing the concept of the new restaurant informs us that

“The Inspiration for modern comfort food in the restaurant comes from the most simple but a significant ingredient – SALT which has a history dating back to more than 2000 years. Without salt, life itself would not be possible. Salt is as important to life as oxygen and water.

We have on offer 15 Original Gourmet sea salts harvested organically from all around the world which add the inspired twist to the comfort food . We also have a “Semellier” (as a sommelier is to wines) who is an expert in the knowledge of Salts to match the Gourmet salts with different recipes to enhance the meal experience. We have Pink Himalayan Salt blocks from the 16th Century mineshaft in Pakistan to cook Chef’s Signature recipes with minimum of oil which makes them very healthy. We also offer Volcanic Lava stones for cooking chef’s signature recipes with one of the oldest methods of cooking on a hot stone.”



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