Salman Rushdie taken off ventilator and is on the road to recovery


Author Salman Rushdie who was stabbed few days ago and was hospitalized is on the road to recovery. Rushdie was taken off the ventilator and was able to talk according to his former wife Padma Lakshmi.

Rushdie and Chennai born Padma Lakshmi got married in 2004 and later divorced in 2007. Padma was Rushdie’s fourth wife. She is also an author and host of the culinary TV Show TopChef.
US authorities described the attack on Rushdie as a targeted and a preplanned attack. Rushdie faced many Islamic death threats for years after he wrote ”The Satanic Verses.”
Police have arrested the attacker Hadi Matar, US national of Lebanese origin. He pleaded not guilty to charges of attempted murder and assault after a brief court appearance and was denied bail.



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