Sales of Kamala Harris’s sneakers jumps up


US Vice President Kamala Harris loves wearing comfortable sneakers. Instead of wearing heels or leather flats which is the usual choice for female candidates in high profile political offices, Kamala chose a pair of black low-top Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars a.k.a. Chucks for her entire campaign trail. Her sneakers caused a sensation and The Washington Post reported that there were nearly 8 million views on Twitter of the videos of the moment shot by reporters.

Chucks were central to Harris’s image as she became the country’s first female vice president of colour. It has caused sales to be doubled…
Converse, which is owned by Nike, would not share sales data or even comment whether Harris has given their sales a boost, issued a statement that “We are pleased that Madam Vice President has chosen our sneaker as a staple in her wardrobe.”
However, the brand has been getting attention lately and on inauguration day, some Americans put on their Chucks to celebrate the moment when the first woman and the first woman of colour became vice president.
It is left to be seen if this momentum continues to last as now that the campaign is over and Harris is now seen in more formal settings and may not be wearing the shoes publicly as much as she did during the campaign trail.



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