Safest person on the Planet

A Canadian citizen scientist, Bert ter Hart, 62 years of age has been sailing solo across the globe since October 2019. His aim is to become the first North American to complete a nonstop circumnavigation without the aid of electronic navigational devices. He has faced extreme weather conditions, short supplies and unexpected repairs during these nine months. He has not come across another human being since January this year.
He is considered to be the safest person on planet Earth as he has no risk of either contracting or transmitting the coronavirus disease. He bakes his own bread and has stocked up food and supplies for about 9 months. Bert is married and has four children. He neither has internet nor video technology and can keep in touch with his family only by email via satellite or make voice calls with a satellite phone and a bad connection. He wants to inspire people to follow their dreams even if they are wild and crazy.


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