Russian woman leaves husband and marries stepson


Marina Balmasheva, a woman from Russia was married to Alexey Shavyrin and took care of their five adopted children. After living with Alexey, aged 45 for 10 years, she divorced him and married her stepson Vladimir Shavyrin. While Marina is 35 years old, her stepson Vladimir is only 21 years old. Marina knew Vladimir since he was 7 years old. She went through a number of plastic surgery treatments to make herself look attractive to her new spouse. According to Marina, her new spouse has the most charming blue eyes in the world. Though many people told Marina to use makeup to look young, she said that her new spouse fell in love with all her scars, cellulite and excessive skin.

They have signed a prenup agreement before marrying which permits Marina to keep all her money and assets in case of a divorce with Vladimir.
Marina has now given birth to a baby girl who weighed slightly over 8lbs. Marina is a blogger who has more than half a million followers on Instagram and she posted pictures of her newborn daughter without showing the baby’s face. She said that it was her new husband who had instructed her not to show the baby’s face.



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