RummyCircle launches new TVC


RummyCircle, the app to play Rummy, has launched a new television commercial. The TVC encapsulates the thrill and excitement of playing Rummy online. is a wholly owned division of Play Games 24×7, a leader in online and mobile games in India.

The latest commercial by is an immersive take on the action-packed nature of a typical game of Rummy played by connoisseurs. It captures the raw pleasure of competing and winning in a game of rummy. The film is loaded with swag and special effects alike. It engages the viewer with high energy and unexpected turns, leaving the viewer gushing with excitement. The new commercial is available on YouTube:

RummyCircle TVC grab.1 (Copy)

Play Games24x7 Co-Founder and Co-CEO Trivikraman Thampy said, “Rummy is known to be a mind game and a family game, but most people don’t realize how exciting and charged a game of Rummy can be, and that feeling is what we want the viewers to take away from this new TVC.”

He added, “The best part about playing Rummy are those edge-of-the-seat moments when a player is almost done and is waiting with baited breath for the next card to be that one card they need, and also desperately hoping that someone doesn’t finish before them. We wanted this TVC to capture that adrenaline rush and thrill in a symbolic way by comparing it to the kind of excitement one would feel if they were flying through the air with turbocharged booster jetpacks.”



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