Royal family puddings handed out to military veterans

Four generations of the Royal Family joined together to make Christmas puddings to be gifted to members of the British Armed Forces. The puddings are hand made by Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince George and will be handed over to veterans across the UK. This Christmas initiative is part of the Royal British Legion to help tackle loneliness and isolation that many people experience especially during this time of the year. Pictures show the Royals smiling and laughing as they mix the traditional ingredients like candied peel, nutmeg, raisins, brandy, almonds and silver six pence coins for wealth and good luck to those who find them.
This year due to the pandemic, all gatherings had to be moved online. The Royal British Legion’s director general, Charles Byrne said in a statement” Christmas can be a time when people’s financial worries or feelings of loneliness or isolation and anxiety are heightened, this year more than ever as people continue to adapt to life during the Covid 19 pandemic. He wanted people to know that there is extra support available and that the Legion is there for them.


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