Romancing The Bling – Geetaa Paul


Romancing The Bling – Geetaa Paul

There is an element of her personal style in every part of Geetaa Paul’s plush home in Bengaluru. The savvy businesswoman loves and appreciates the good things in life and she wasn’t shy to proclaim the same in her apartment which she shares with her mother and daughter Chahat. We take a peek into the Paul residence on Bengaluru’s Hosur Road.

“My only mandate to my decorator when she took on the job to design the interiors of my apartment was that the house should reflect the personalities of all its inhabitants. The one pre-requisite from my side was an opulent temple to house my favourite deity – my Ganeshji,” tells the stylish lady as she takes us on a tour of her home.

Romancing The Bling

From the elaborate foyer decorated in mother-of-pearl tiles to the cozy living room with its beige and gold theme and eye-catching metal flowers mounted on one wall, Geetaa’s home speaks of her love for the colours gold and beige. The space has been liberally coloured in gold – from walls to drapes to bits of furniture and the curios – they all speak of the lady’s love for richness and opulence.

“I wanted the space to look blingy, yet classy. Hence I was specific that bright bling tones like red and purple be kept out of the colour scheme. I chose instead to use gold as the primary share through the apartment, breaking the glitter with use of dull beige and wood finishes as required,” she explains.

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A partner in Vibes Healthcare, Geetaa manages their five fitness centers in Bengaluru and two in Chennai. “I used a decorator Roshni from Auspice in Chennai to do up my home,” she tells. “Once I’m back after a hard day at work I want to come into a place where I can relax and kick back for some down time with my mother and daughter.”

The three bedroom apartment has been decorated with much care by Geetaa, who personally selected curios, Lladro figurines and other artefacts to decorate the space in a way that exudes tranquility. “I’ve been shopping for my dream home for a long time now,” she tells. “These figurines – a gold leopard from Europe and a mother-of-pearl swan from Delhi, occupy a place of pride in the bar and living area respectively, and I picked them up on some of my personal travels. Then there’s the reclining Buddha in the foyer that I got on a trip to Thailand. Similarly the Lladro figurines were picked up in Europe. I always knew that I wanted my home to show off my taste for fine things and hence I’ve been shopping in advance waiting for the time to display my collection,” she tells us with a laugh.

Huge metal flowers have been mounted on a gold wallpapered wall in the living room to break the richness of the colour scheme. A beautiful temple or puja room is tucked away on side with a splendid Ganesh idol seated on a beautiful wooden mount. “This is the most important part of the house for me,” tells Geetaa revealing her deeply religious side.

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The bedrooms are done to suit the personality of each of its inhabitants – baby pink mixed with gold for Chahat, Geetaa’s daughter, beige and brown for her mother and pure gold for her. “Chahat loves pink and hence that’s the predominant shade in her room. The vanity is done exactly how a girl would love it with a mirror surrounded by lights and loads of storage space for clothes, shoes and cosmetics. My room just had to be gold, even the Chinese blinds have hints of gold in them,” she tells.

The dining space boasts of a well-stocked bar, as the Pauls frequently entertain, along with comfy seating where they can kick back and spend family time together.



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