Rock ‘N’ Roll As 22 Music Bands Shake Up Kochi !


The Muse Room Presents A Unique 2 Day Musical Fest, ‘Alt & Pepper’

The Muse Room Joins Hands with ‘Pepper House’ at Fort Kochi to bring you a unique two day  Musical Fest unlike anything that Kochi has ever witnessed before. The show will feature 22 musical bands and promises to be a musical extravaganza! “Alt & Pepper is a music and culture collaborative between Aum-i Artistes and Pepper House. The essence is to showcase (and bridge) some of the greatest creative talent in the country today. Artists, musicians, producers, comics, entrepreneurs and even street poets come together to explore what connects them. ‘Alt’ for seeking the alternative, ‘Pepper’ for staying rooted, ‘&’ as a motif for cross-pollination – the idea of stringing different worlds/genres together, for everything is connected.That’s what this festival is about – the sheer joy of experimenting. Made by the creators of the pathbreaking cult of ‘Rosebowl’, the indie favourite ‘Music Mojo’ and ‘The Muse Room’ Live stories, ‘Alt and Pepper’ is where new genres are made,” says the team.

muse room

Get ready to experience Music like never before – every kind of music you can imagine would be performed by groups and artists like When Chai Met Toast, Oorka, Thakara, Rishab Seen, Shubangi Joshi, Spud in the box, Mushroom Lake, Blank Planet to name a few. Dont Miss this mega event on September 10th and 11th at the Pepper House, 11/10A B, Kalvathi Road, Fort Kochi, Kochi, Kerala 682002. Book now at!



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