Robotic Surgery in 100 Hospitals by 2020


Robotic Surgery in 100 hospitals by 2020

Train 500 Robotic Surgeons to Help the Masses

Dr. Venkat MuniKrishnan, Colorectal Surgeon, Apollo Hospital, Chennai, Mr.Gopal Chakravarthy, CEO, Vattikuti  Technologies,  Mr. Raj Vattikuti, Chairman, Vattikuti Foundation, Dr.Anupama Rajanbabu, Gynaecological Surgeon, Amrita Hospital, Kochi,  Dr. Ananthakrishnan, Urological surgeon , Apollo Hospital, Chennai.


Robotic Surgery is set for rapid growth, with the more and more hospitals embracing these new-age, computer-assisted, surgical robots. By 2020, more than 100 hospitals across 25 Indian cities, are expected to have the capability to perform Robotic surgeries.

To realize this goal, the pool of accomplished robotic surgeons will be expanded to about 500. They will provide succor to tens of thousands of patients suffering from prostrate, gynecological, head & neck, lung and colorectal cancer.

A comprehensive plan, formulated by Vattikuti Foundation, addressing three critical components–surgeon training, geographic reach and complete packages, which benefit the economically weaker sections–was announced here, today, by its founder Raj Vattikuti, a US based IT entrepreneur and philanthropist.

The plan is tailor-made for India, as the number of cancer cases has risen alarmingly but only 36 per cent, of the reported cases, got treated. Moreover, nearly 76 per cent of cancer patients hailed from non-urban areas, where access to cancer detection and treatment is a distant dream.

“We will grow the pool of accomplished Robotic surgeons to 500 besides motivating young surgeons to adopt robotic surgery. As its contribution, Vattikuti Foundation, will offer 100 paid fellowships to super specialist surgeons, over the next 5 years, to become Robotic surgeons,” says Raj Vattikuti, who has been evangelizing Robotic Surgery in India since 2010 through The Vattikuti Foundation.

“Even though 4,000 robot-assisted surgeries were performed in 2015, representing a five-fold increase in 5 years, India has not even scratched its potential, as the benefit can be passed to the masses beyond metro locations,” adds Raj Vattikuti.

“Vattikuti Technologies shall enhance access to Robotic surgery, covering specialized cancer centers, large government hospitals and small hospitals in Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities.

“Vattikuti Technologies and Intuitive Surgical shall work together to offer hospitals special price points as they achieve 450 procedure mark over three years. This move will ensure availability of cancer surgery closer home for patients at prices that make robotic surgery affordable to the masses,” says Gopal Chakravarthy, CEO, Vattikuti Technologies.








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