Rishi Sunak to be appointed UK PM today


Rishi Sunak will become the Prime Minister of the UK today He will be the third Prime Minister this year and will take power after an audience with King Charles III. He will replace Liz Truss who resigned after holding the post for just seven weeks. Rishi Sunak became the new leader of the Conservative Party after rival contender Penny Mordaunt failed to secure enough nominations.

Rishi Sunak is just 42 years old and will be the youngest Prime Minister in more than two centuries. He is the first person of Indian descent to occupy the post of PM. Liz Truss will hold a final cabinet meeting today before making a departing statement in Downing Street. Rishi Sunak will take over and speak just over an hour later. He has promised stability and unity and he plans to bring not only the party but also the country together.



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