Rima Kallingal’s Mamangam dance studio shuts down

The actor announced the same through the Mamangam social media page
Many have had to pay a heavy price due to the pandemic. With kids not going to school and reluctant to venture out of their homes, it has been difficult for cultural and art centres to thrive. Rima Kallingal’s dance studio Mamangam used to host classes in different styles of dance and was a favoured venue for discussions, workshops, screenings and more. Unfortunately, the actor announced that the school is shutting down.
Rima Kallingal posted on the page, “I have decided to close down the Mamangam studios and the dance classes wing after the corona fiasco hitting us. It was a labour of love and there are so many memories associated with this place. The high energy dance classes, dance rehearsals, film screenings, workshops, flood relief collection camps, debates and discussions, shootings, everything will always echo in all our hearts.
I would like to thank very single one person who has stood by me in putting this place together. Thank you team mamangam, thank you students, thank you patrons, thank you all the supporters. The Mamangam Dance Company will take this journey forward on stage and screens.”


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