Rice Water: The Ultimate Beauty Elixir


Rice water gives the perfect porcelain finish you have always dreamt of. It lightens and brightens the skin instantly and helps achieve smooth, soft and a flawless skin tone. Rice water is way better than the skin whitening serums as it is natural. Rice water also contains antioxidants that heal acne and reduce breakouts, removes impurities, reduces your pore size, and removes sun spots, skin spots, wrinkles, aging and what not! Check out the benefits of rice water for skin and hair.

Skin Toner

Rice water makes the best skin toner of all. It tightens the skin leaving it firm, smooth and radiant. Dab a cotton ball in a bowl of rice water and massage your face using it. The results will show in a week.

Heals Acne

Breakouts can now be taken care of with rice water. Apply all over the acne area with a cotton ball. The redness effect will reduce.

Lightens Your Skin

Rice water is much more beneficial than artificial beauty products. It will help you achieve a fairer and brighter complexion over time. A few minutes of massage using rice water will do the wonder.

Hair Conditioner

You can use rice water as a conditioner after shampoo. Apply all over the hair strands. Give it a few minutes and wash off with cold water. Do this thrice a week.

Reduces Split Ends

Rice water can also fight split ends naturally. Simply dip the ends of your hair in a bowl full of soaked water and wash it off after 15 minutes. It not only fights split ends but also adds shine.



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