Restaurant review: Kaficko



Food has this mysterious power of playing the role of a bridge of communication between two people.

Whether strangers, friends, lovers or business partners, it helps break the ice. The surroundings you’re

in, too add to it. Kaficko, on road no 12 in Banjara Hills, gives you the perfect venue for a meeting of

any kind.

The quaint café with its European-inspired interiors make it the cozy place that it is and the food served

here makes it worth your while. From a typical American breakfast, to a brunch to Thai for dinner –

they’ve got it all. Desserts included! Their USP however, is the Illy Coffee that comes from Chikmungalur.

But while you are there, be sure to try one of the waffles – if you have a sweet tooth, then the Buttered

Peanut is perfect. But if savory and Bacon are your calling then digging into The Ultimate Wafflewich. It

comes loaded with belly bacon, ham, cherry tomatoes, iceburg lettuce, caramelized onions, with honey

mustard and cheese.From the Thai menu, the Pad Thai or the Red Curry will send you into a food coma

almost instantly. As will the Stroganov from the brunch menu.

For desserts, we suggest the Nutella High Crepe – that comes with whipped cream, nutella and

strawberries on the side. And screams heavenly goodness all the way!



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