Relish the Superhero Brunch at Marriott Whitefield, Bangalore


M Café, one of the signature restaurants at the Marriott Whitefield in Bangalore is adding an element of gaiety by launching the Superhero Brunch on Sundays. The first such brunch will kick off on June 19, 2016.

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The Super Hero Brunch will not only incorporate a special menu to excite the kids, but also bring alive their Sunday experience with live superhero characters, theme based games, engaging activities and quirky photo ops. With an array of experiential elements to delight the little ones, M Café will attempt to woo the children since they act as a key decision maker while choosing a Sunday Brunch restaurant.

Some of the interesting food on offer includes Kryptonite (Butterscotch Banana Shake), Hammer of Thor (Chocolate and Hazelnut Shake), Spiderman’s Web (Blueberry Shake), Wonder woman (Pink Lemonade) and Mr. Freeze (Blue Lemonade). Priced at Rs. 2,000 (plus taxes), the entire meal will satiate the volatile appetite of children, while the activities, instillations and live characters will engage their curious minds.

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Excited about the launch of this unique initiative, Nicholas Dumbell, General Manager, Bengaluru Marriott Hotel, Whitefield, said, “We believe that kids are key influencers in the decision making process pertaining to restaurants, movies and general recreation. Addressing this set of audience is a key focus for all our restaurant outlets. With The Super Hero brunch, we hope to offer kids an enthralling experience at M Café, one that they will remember and cherish forever.”





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