Realistics Awards 2020: An Ode To Women


From the Rich farmlands to the soaring heights of aircraft’s, there is no place where women haven’t proven their mettle today. It becomes imperative to recognize the contribution of women who have added value to the society at large.

Pakwan Chennai celebrates and salutes the power of womanhood through the Realistics Awards during which we shall honour women of distinction from various walks of life. The event was a gala evening of recognition and an ode to women from distinct walks of life. Yashika Anand, Kiki Vijay, Singer Dhee, Vanathi Srinivasan, Mohammed Asif Ali, Sreenidhi, Samyuktha, Pushpa Kandaswamy, Meena Chabria, Rehane Bhaseer, Santosh Prathap Aravind and other prominent personalities and socialites of Chennai were the guest of honor.

Catch a glimpse of the idols in a fun-filled yet inspiring evening at the Realistics Awards by Pakwan Chennai.



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