Rashmika Mandanna Shares A Special Message For Her Roshians


Rashmika Mandanna took to social media to convey a special message for her fans via a video before she resumes shooting again.

Sharing the video, she wrote, “Through thick and thin! I know this is super random but Just a lil message to y’all from me!” Calling her fans ‘Roshians’ she reveals she thought long and hard about that to name her fans but was glad when they picked a name for themselves. Revealing that she will resume shooting soon and assuring that she’ll be with her fans ‘through thick and thin’, she says in the video, “I made this to convey that I’ll be getting back to work tomorrow (Saturday). Thank you for constantly being there through the pandemic. I was alone and was with family at one point, but you have always stayed in touch through Q&As, LIVEs, and more.”She goes on to state that life has so much love and hate but at the end of it all, she’s always grateful for her fans. “You love me, hate me, I don’t know. I am grateful for any sort of emotion towards me. I am super excited to get back to work and start shooting again and for you to watch my movies again in theatres. I hope you will like them, there’s so much that I miss. I will be taking care of myself, you take care of yourselves and family too. I am glad things are going back to normal though,” she adds.




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