Rani Mukherjee in love with The Great Indian Kitchen


The actress requested her co star Prithviraj to convey the message to Geo Baby

Of late Malayalam movies have been garnering a lot of positive feedback for its original content, brilliant story telling and creativity. Bollywood has also been taking notice of the films being made down South. Recently Rani Mukherjee got in touch with her Aiyya co star Prithviraj to convey her appreciation of the film, ‘The Great Indian Kitchen’ to its director Geo Baby. The film has Nimisha Sajayan and Suraj Venjaramoodu in the lead. She messaged Prithviraj saying, “..there’s a film called The great Indian kitchen.. I saw it … and thought it was brilliant!!! Pls can you tell the director that I lovedd the film and it’s one of the greatest Indian films made in recent times..”

The movie made during the lockdown was initially rejected by Amazon and Netflix and was streaming on Neestream. But after the excellent response it received, Amazon Prime video decided to stream the film. The film’s director Geo Baby took to social media to share Prithviraj’s message, “Hi Geo. This is Prithviraj. Rani Mukherjee saw your film and wanted me to convey to you what she thought is the Great Indian Kitchen (sic)… PS: I am yet to see the film, but congrats on the great success.”

The film that beautifully portrays the struggles of a new bride, throws light on the superstitions and unreasonable expectations demanded of women in the traditional Indian household.



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