Randhir Kapoor blames Sunjay Kapur for the breakup



Randhir Kapoor is quiet annoyed and furious over his ex-son-in-law Sunjay Kapur’s allegations on his daughter. In the fresh divorce petition, Sunjay Kapur has claimed that Karisma Kapoor married him for money.


Rubbishing all the allegations and expressing his anger, Randhir Kapoor in an interview said, “Everyone knows our ­credentials. We are Kapoors. We don’t need to run after anyone’s money. We have been blessed with not only money, but our talent can support us for the rest of our lives.”


The veteran actor also spoke on how he was always against his daughter’s marriage with Sunjay Kapur. He voiced his opinion saying that Sunjay is a third class man; that he has debauchery in his ­system and never cared for his wife.



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