Ramazan special – a range of cool beverages


Capturing the essence of Ramazan, Paper Boat presents a super-special super-limited launch of Şerbet-e-Khaas and Rose Tamarind across Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Pune.

Serbet & Rose Tamarind (Copy)

Touted to be the world’s oldest drink, Şerbet-e-Khaas has set itself as the gold standard for drinks everywhere. Once dusk settles and iftaar begins, it’s common practice to break the day’s fast with a bite of a date, and a sip of Şerbet. Şerbet-e-Khaas is a delectable concoction of apple, lychee, and grape juices.

Rose Tamarind aka Rose Tamr-Hindi is not just a thing in India – it’s a favourite the world over during the strenuous hot season of Ramzan.



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