Rajinikanth wants his daughter Aishwaryaa to reunite with husband Dhanush


Aishwaryaa, the daughter of Rajinikanth and her actor husband Dhanush decided to part ways on January 17 after 18 years of married life. They announced their decision on social media. However, Dhanush’s father Kasthuri Raja stated that the separation was due to a family quarrel and that he had advised the couple to sort out the issue.

Now there are reports that Rajinikanth is upset about their decision to split and that he allegedly asked his daughter Aishwaryaa to reconcile with her husband Dhanush. He has not issued any public statement regarding this as yet.
Aishwaryaa and Dhanush have not given any reason for their separation. They just announced this news on Twitter and on Instagram and requested fans to respect their decision and to give them privacy to deal with it.
Both Dhanush and Aishwaryaa are currently in Hyderabad working on different projects.



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