Raj Kundra’s book to be adapted into a movie! 


Businessman Raj Kundra had launched his gripping thriller titled “How Not to Make Money” 2 years ago which marked his debut as an author.

Based on true events, the book is about three childhood friends – Jai, Mike and Aziz – who decide to get rich or die trying. The book published by Random House India, was based on research of the Missing Trader Fraud, who cheated billions of Euros in the early 2000s, depriving the UK Government and Europe.


Official sources now reveal that Raj Kundra’s book ‘How not to make money’ is being turned into a screen play by “The Bank Job” fame OBE (Order of the British Empire) awarded writers ,Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais.

Ian was in Mumbai recently and met Raj over dinner to discuss the project ,adapted from his page-turner, which Lionsgate is in talks with to co-produce. The two have been in talks for the last 2 years discussing the characters and the events that the book is based on.




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