Raiza Wilson’s dermatologist files defamation suit claiming 5 crore compensation


Raiza Wilson’s dermatologist, Bhairavi Senthil has filed a defamation suit against her for bringing down the reputation of her clinic and claimed compensation of 5 crore.

Raiza had earlier posted pictures on her Instagram page saying that her skin treatment had gone wrong and that she never asked the dermatologist for the treatment. She even sent a legal notice to the dermatologist claiming 1 crore towards legal compensation.

Bhairavi responded saying that Raiza was lying and that she had taken the same treatment earlier. According to her, Raiza had given her written consent before the treatment and the side effects could be caused by smoking, rigorous exercise, consumption of alcohol and exposure to sunlight. She stated that the side effects are bound to happen if the patient does not follow the instructions given by the dermatologist and that the swelling and redness on the cheek are normal side effects of the treatment which would heal in a few days. She further stated that Raiza not only took facial treatment but also some other procedures including dermal filters. Moreover Raiza had informed her that she had been taking the same procedure from other doctors for the past 10 years.



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