Raising a toast to friendship!



It was an evening to celebrate the 69th Independence Day of Israel on May 11. On this day Israel turned 69 since attaining statehood in 1948. All the guests came dressed in their best at the Shangri-La Hotel, Bengaluru and raised a toast to the spirit of the Israelis. This year also marks the completion of 25 years of diplomatic relationship between India and Israel and this was another reason for celebration, independence, friendship and more strength. The bilateral relations between the two countries have developed into a unique and growing partnership based on friendship and mutual confidence. The gala affair was hosted by Consul General Ms Yael Hashavit, Consulate General of Israel in Bengaluru, who is leaving no stones unturned to strengthen the ties between India and Israel.

“A year ago, I told you about Israel. Tonight, I can tell you what a wonderful year it was and how many beautiful projects and deeds we had done together. Our event, “Open a door to Israel” exhibition introduced Israel to the people of Bangalore, besides many other events. Our minister of Science and Space visited Bangalore to strengthen the ties with ISRO. All of you remember the impressive launch of ISRO with 104 satellites-3 of those were Israel’s. The real spirit of Bangalore is its IT hub, technology and innovation. Thousands of Indian IT experts flew to Israel and thousands of Israelis came here to share their knowledge and take forward Bengaluru and the Startup nation-Israel. We had joint seminars about innovation and Silicon Valley of Indian creativity, changing experts and ideas on IT, joint research in local academies etc,” shared Consul General Yael Hashavit. The Chief Guest for the occasion, Minister for Energy, DK Shivkumar also congratulated Israel on the celebration of its 69th Independence Day at the soiree.



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