Raise A Cup To Sulaimani Chai


This refreshing tea is made with spices and lemon with tea powder. It is the perfect alcohol-free digestif. Sulaimani tea is not just a popular afternoon beverage but is also served after heavy meals and celebratory meals at functions and weddings for its digestive properties. here’s how to make Kerala’s favourite sulaimani chai.

INGREDIENTS: (Serves 2-3 glasses)

2 pods of cardamom – crushed

half inch ginger – finely chopped

1-inch cinnamon – pounded

2 pods of cloves

3 teaspoons of sugar/ jaggery

1 teaspoon of lemon juice

3 teaspoons of tea powder


Bring the spices to boil. Add the sugar and then the tea powder and let it boil on a low flame.

Turn off the flame, add the lemon juice and cover the pan with a lid for a minute.

Strain the ingredients with a tea strainer and serve hot.



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