Raghu inspires all @ Signature StartUp Masterclass!




Signature Start Up Masterclass’ session Hyderabad had the musical genius Raghu Dixit share his passion to paycheck story through his enticing conversation with the witty host Cyrus Sahukar.

Signature Startup Masterclass is a celebration of the real life success stories and provides a unique platform to passionate individuals who are looking for the right inspiration and guidance by giving them an opportunity to hear their icons share the story of how they managed to successfully convert their passion into paycheck.

During the masterclass session Raghu shared the story of how he began his career as a micro-biologist, and was pegged to be involved in the field of Science for the rest of his life. He had many talents, including being a master level Bharatanatyam dancer. However, he decided to pursue Microbiology dedicatedly.

While working as a scientist, he realised that music was his calling and he pursued it vehemently. One day, after numerous concerts and attempts at getting his music released by record labels in the country, he was asked by his friend, producer Shashank Ghosh to perform at a club in Mumbai where he was spotted by music stalwarts Vishal Shekhar. They took a chance on Raghu by launching his first album in collaboration with Counter-Culture Records in 2007. After all his efforts, Raghu Dixit got a launch pad for his music career.

With his band, “The Raghu Dixit Project”, he has performed in over a thousand concerts in over 25 different countries all over the world. All the songs, written and composed by Dixit are representative of India’s culture today, with a mix of tradition and culture that is presented with musical influences from around the world. Raghu then went on to score music for both Bollywood and Kannada movies.



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