Radikaa Sarathkumar and YGM’s war of words




It has been a war of words between Radikaa Sarath Kumar and Y Gee Mahendra on the social networking platform, addressing each other and tagging each other with regards to their differences of opinion on Nadigar Sangam, Mani Mandapam, the recent Beep Song controversy and more. Radikaa and Y Gee lashed out each other on the social networking platform.

Since Radikaa and Y Gee are not connected directly on facebook, Madhuvanthi Arun posted her father’s tweets on her timeline. She clarified, “For the record let me clarify this once and for all : The messages that were posted on my timeline yesterday were conversations between Radhika aunty and my Father… It was on my timeline as they both are not connected on Facebook …. I am tagging both of them on this so that hereafter if at all they want to address each other they can do so directly ….”

The argument started when Radikaa posted on her Twitter timeline about the newly elected Nadigar Sangam body ‘not reacting’ to the Beep song controversy concerning Simbu and Anirudh.

Y Gee in reaction to this had posted on his official page, “NADIGAR SANGAM ISSUES……The trend in this country seems to be that anyone OUT of power will blame whoever is IN power even if the New Party is having good intentions. I thought this was prevalent only in Politics where we are seeing the Congress and AAP doing their buffoonery in Parliament. But now this disease seems to have affected the Nadigar Sangam here too. The new members have JUST NOW held their first meeting and have made mostly sensible statements. But lo ! immediately those rejected in elections have started their negative comments forgetting the fact that for the past few years the Sangam was a non functioning body. Insinuation that the Sangam is not helping the Beep culprit is uncalled for. Does that Beep supporter want to legalise bad words in songs. And before they lash out at me…Yes I too use bad words in privacy but I don’t record it with music or write a book on it Or mouth it in my dramas and say “It was leaked” without my knowledge. AGREED the action taken legally is a bit overboard.A simple apology from concerned parties should be enough to close it and also Prevent Future Occurrences..But as rightly pointed out by the current President the matter is sub judice ..Nothing can be done now. And please I WELCOME a Press statement..it shows that the new body wants to function transparently.

Generally a party that’s ousted from power will bare it’s fangs and start whimpering and complaining and accusing only if it feels that the new party will expose its old skeletons. That is true in national politics today…I hope that is not the case in our Nadigar Sangam. Those who have relinquished power in a fair election are also Renowned Honorable Artistes. Surely they have no Skeletons to hide….??!!
Rather than treating the new Governing Body of Nadigar Sangam as Enemies let those that have stepped aside be gracious to cooperate and offer support from Outside. IS THIS TOO MUCH TO ASK. ???”

Radikaa in reply to this tagged Madhuvanthi Arun in her post, “Madhuvanthi Arun saw YGM view on Nadigar Sangam, hence he is not my friend, pls show this to him. Thks

YGM u hav shown yr true colors by sticking on to people in positions( since u mentioned politics).You seem to be having amnesia or selective amnesia in regard to sangam issues.Non functional?? Why this past 15 yrs you hav not asked or contributed to the sangam?why were you only inviting Sarath &me to urs&yr daughters play & speak highly of Saraths administrative skills?? Did u at any point had grievances that was not addresed ?Did anybody stop u? Why did u not orally or in print register, with the so called skeletons that u seem to hav found.Dont shoot frm somebody’s shoulder have the guts to confront and pinpoint.Frm the time of Sarath coming in as GS he with help of all actors cleared the debt ( which was a Damocles sword) negotiated in reducing amt to the tune of 3crs.
I am not supporting beep song, I stand for the extreme action meted out for song not published.Since I know you &u admit yr use of bad language , it cld happen to u also.wld have lauded them if the stood by him as a member. Like Shivaji&MGR stood by my dad during Keemayanam play issue. Ur friends hav stabbed him.Sub judice? Then why ask for apology??
No company/business or association publish their functioning .Achievements can be published. Transparency is to members only, dont u think there r more important matters in society than Nadigar sangam.We have moved on, wld like yr rantings in yr plays, and move on.”

Y Gee in return replied, “Actually I don’t have to xplain myself. But I still consider Radhika my friend in spite of her dislike for me. Just two points. To me the moment the building went down in my eyes Sangam became non functional especially the absence of Sankara das Swami hall.When I asked in KAMRAJ hall if that hall had a place in the new complex..no one had a clear answer.Just weak assurances… At that moment for me “A confirmed dramatist: the Sangam went non functional. THAT’S ALL.
AND please inviting you for plays is a personal thing.What has that got to do with Sangam. I invite you both as prominent Co Artistes whose opinion I value not bcos Sarath held position In Sangam…no way.
Again I said accts are no problem IF there are no Skeletons ..I didn’t confirm them.
As for Keemayanam it was a bold expression of that great artist’s beliefs…it was not filth ..that is why he was supported by all including my Dad..an orthodox BRAHMIN….. and believe me In spite of my use of bad language never have I done it before a Mike.
And yes if the new board falters I will be ready point that out too. AND AGAIN YES TRANSPARENCY IS THE BASE OF ANY HONEST ORGANISATION”

And to this Radikaa replied, “Madhuvanthi Arun YGM this is getting to be boring, I don’t like doing it since u used a public platform, I am obliged.Sangam Building is a thing of the past , since rumors and nitwits talking half baked info went viral, let me enlighten on wht was in the document. It was for the betterment of the association .It was giving an income of 30lks per mth, land is the sangam s (not sold as claimed)theatre hall and office for sangam &activities provided, this is to name a few. I just took time during elections to READ it before i spoke. No one wanted to believe, today no one is talking abt it, not even an apology for the slander.i was there in Kamaraj hall when u spoke, u just did not see the larger pic.
I was not talking abt my fathers play content, the camaraderie between all in spite of differences was laudable.That is what I spoke to Vishal Krishna, Karthi Sivakumar and rest, sort issues out,as we are just a phone call away.Slander and defending it till day cld hav been done away. Maturity has to be inborn.
Sure transparency is great, a small suggestion u run a drama troupe and have family run schools , next time any development discussions, ideas, story discussions,financial structure is held in yr Organisation mtngs pls go to press , it would be helpful for so many to have clarity and applaud yr transparency.Now let’s move on YGM”


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