RAAHI – Neo Kitchen & Bar launches in Bengaluru


Raahi – Neo Kitchen & Bar launched in Bengaluru with a big bang. Bengaluru’s swish set  was spotted at the launch parties spread over a couple of days. Some of Hyderabad’s jet setters were also spotted at the soiree. It is inspired from the caravan which will take you on an inspired epicurean expedition. It is a humble amalgamation of regional ingredients, culinary aesthetics, and bold innovation. Raahi is the story of the journey of continuous innovation, exploration of new cuisines, and ingredients which reflects in a constantly evolving menu. The chefs at Raahi, closely work with native ingredients, and create a food experience that promises to stimulate all your gastronomic senses. Aman Chainani, Managing Director of Raahi said, “The innovative food and drink menu draws on many state of the art culinary techniques like flavour extraction using a rotary evaporator, Controlled pressure & temperature cooking, Fermentation, Smoke penetration, Wood fire, Salt Curing, Dehydration & Vacuum drying, Casei culture and much more. This is sure to provide a very unique and unusual dining experience to the discerning gourmets in Bengaluru”.



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