Queen Elizabeth declines title of Oldie of the Year


Queen Elizabeth, 95 years of age is the longest reigning monarch. She politely declined the honour of being named ”Oldie of the Year” by a British magazine on the ground that she does not meet the relevant criteria.
The Queen’s assistant private secretary, Tom Lang Baker sent a letter conveying this message and said that the Queen hopes that they would find a more worthy recipient. He ended the letter by conveying the Queen’s warmest wishes.

The Oldie of the Year prize is given to those of advanced age who have made a special contribution to public life. The Queen’s husband Prince Philip, who died in April this year, received this prize when he was 90 in the year 2011.
After the Queen declined this year’s award, it went to French- American actress and dancer Leslie Caron who is 90 years old.
The Queen, in spite of her advanced age, keeps a busy schedule of royal duties. She held an audience with diplomats and hosted a reception at Windsor Castle for global business leaders yesterday.



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