Quarrelling couple on board


Qatar Airways had to deal with a most peculiar case, that of a quarrelling couple on board. The flight was proceeding from Doha to Bali when an Iranian woman created a ruckus on board. This forced the Pilot to make an emergency landing in Chennai  and offload the couple.

Airport sources said that the woman who was in an inebriated condition, scanned her husband’s mobile phone while he was asleep and that led the break out of an argument between the couple. The husband too started arguing with his wife as to why she went through his phone. Both of them were involved in a heated argument and all attempts to pacify them went in vain.The passengers were so irritated that they requested the Air Traffic Control to take action. Finally the flight made an emergency landing in Chennai and the couple was offloaded and handed over to the immigration authorities. The couple was sent for counseling and then put on another flight.



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